Expanding future possibilities for livestockExpanding future possibilities for livestock

International Poultry & Pig Show 2024International Poultry & Pig Show 2024

Japan's one and only
specialized poultry
and pig farming exhibition

Japan's one and only specialized poultry and pig farming exhibition

The purpose of the International Poultry & Pig Show (IPPS) is to help modernize and increase the efficiency of poultry and pig farming management and related tasks, and the show offers the opportunity to exhibit the world's latest and most advanced facilities, mechanical equipment, materials, and technologies related to everything from egg-laying hen, poultry, and pork production to logistics in one place.
The IPPS is Japan's only specialized poultry and pig farming exhibition, and, when we held IPPS 2022—the ninth such show—we welcomed 229 exhibiting companies and organizations (which ran 929 booths) as well as 22,664 visitors in spite of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which showed that industry stakeholders have high expectations for the show.
The upcoming IPPS 2024 show will be held at Exhibition Hall 1 of Portmesse Nagoya, which was completed last year. The show—made possible by the collective efforts of poultry and pig farming stakeholders—will provide the opportunity to gather the latest relevant technologies in one place to reduce costs by significantly streamlining production and logistics and to provide customers with eggs, poultry, and pork as the "safety, reliability, and quality food products" that customers demand. More specifically, the show will continue to help stakeholders improve their productivity while also establishing a vision for the future of the new poultry and pig farming industry.

 International Poultry & Pig Show (IPPS) 2024 marks the tenth time this show, which was first held in 1992, will be held.
 Up until now, the show was held by the IPPS Japan Secretariat—a voluntary organization consisting of JLIA Equipment and Machinery Section member companies—but the upcoming show will be the first one to be organized by the JLIA, and it will be held and run based on an executive committee format.
 Moving on, in the last several years, one of the biggest issues facing the poultry and pig farming industry has been how to prevent the outbreak of virulent infectious diseases that include bird flu and swine fever. Society therefore has a need for comprehensive disease control measures based on thorough animal-husbandry sanitation management criteria starting at the farming stage. In addition, in recent years, factors such as Russia's invasion of Ukraine have caused feed grain prices to soar, resulting in an increase in production costs.
 At the same time, it is necessary to respond to needs related to the SDGs and DX (digital transformation) to help resolve the global environmental issues of the modern age. As facility and machine manufacturers, I hope that we can take on such challenges head-on as we contribute to the further development of Japan's poultry and pig farming industry.
 In the spirit of the theme of the upcoming general exhibition—Expanding future possibilities for livestock: three days that will change the future of the poultry and pig farming industry—we will include a Food Area in addition to exhibits of the latest facilities, machines, systems, and products.
 We sincerely hope that all of you will participate in IPPS 2024 and take advantage of the show as an opportunity to promote your company's products.

Isao NakajimaIsao Nakajima

Isao Nakajima


International Poultry
& Pig Show
Japan Committee

Japan Livestock Industry

  • Name

    International Poultry & Pig Show 2024 (IPPS 2024)

  • Schedule

    10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (or 4:00 p.m. on the last day)
    from April 24 (Wed.) to 26 (Fri.), 2024

  • Admission fee

    General admission 1,000 yen (including tax)
    *Admission is free for anyone who pre-registers on our website.

  • Venue

    Portmesse Nagoya Exhibition Hall 1

  • Organizer

    Japan Livestock Industry Association

  • Sponsors

    Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries,
    Aichi Prefectural Government, City of Nagoya,
    The National Association of Racing,
    and Agriculture & Livestock Industries Corporation

  • Co-organizers

    Japan Poultry Association,
    Japan Pork Producers Association,
    and Japan Chicken Association

  • Supporters

    National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations,
    Japan Federation of Poultry Farms Co-Operative Association,
    Japan Feed Manufacturers Association,
    Japan Swine Farm Business Cooperation,
    Japan Veterinary Products Association,
    Japan Livestock Technology Association,
    Japan Poultry Breeders & Hatcheries Association,
    and Japan Egg Breeders Association

  • Target number
    of visitors


  • Scale

    250 companies and 950 booths
    (including the Food Area)

  • Target

    • Poultry producers
    • Pig producers
    • Companies related to poultry and pig farming
    • Egg hatchers and hatcheries
    • Distributors
    • Processors
    • Treatment Plant Operators
    • Material related parties
    • Related ministries and agencies
    • Local governments
    • Consumers
    • Agriculture, technical students
    • Other

Portmesse Nagoya
Exhibition Hall 1

2-2 Kinjo-futo, Minato-Ku, Nagoya City 455-0848


International Poultry & Pig Show
Secretariat Office

No. 2 DIC Building, 2-16-2
Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021

Exhibition schedule

  • 1

    Please use the exhibition application
    form to apply.
    *Note that we do not accept paper applications.

  • 2

    The Secretariat Office will confirm application details after the exhibition application deadline and then issue exhibition-fee bills starting in early October.

  • 3

    Please pay your exhibition fees via a bank transfer.
    Once we confirm your deposit,
    your exhibition application will be considered finished.

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