Event overview

  • Name

    International Poultry & Pig Show 2024 (IPPS 2024)

  • Schedule

    10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (or 4:00 p.m. on the last day)
    from April 24 (Wed.) to 26 (Fri.), 2024

  • Admission fee

    1,000 yen (including tax)
    * Admission is free for anyone who pre-registers on our website.

  • Venue

    Portmesse Nagoya Exhibition Hall 1

  • Organizer

    Japan Livestock Industry Association

  • Sponsors

    Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Aichi Prefectural Government, City of Nagoya, The National Association of Racing, and Agriculture & Livestock Industries Corporation

  • Co-organizers

    Japan Poultry Association, Japan Pork Producers Association, and Japan Chicken Association

  • Supporters

    National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations, Japan Federation of Poultry Farms Co-Operative Association,
    Japan Feed Manufacturers Association, Japan Swine Farm Business Cooperation,
    Japan Veterinary Products Association, Japan Livestock Technology Association,
    Japan Poultry Breeders & Hatcheries Association, and Japan Egg Breeders Association

  • Target number of visitors


  • Scale

    250 companies and 950 booths (including the Food Area)

  • Eligible exhibitors

    • * Poultry and pig farming industry-related facilities, machines, equipment, feed, and pharmaceuticals
    • * Technologies, research, products, commodities, and livestock environments related to hens and sows (excluding livestock) as well as poultry and pig farming industry promotion
    • * Industry organizations, various types of media, and other related services
    • * Other
  • Target audience

    ・Poultry producers ・Pig producers ・Companies related to poultry and pig farming ・Egg hatchers and hatcheries ・Distributors ・Processors ・Treatment Plant Operators ・Material related parties ・Related ministries and agencies ・Local governments ・Consumers ・Agriculture, technical students ・Other

  • Related events

    We plan to have special lectures, IPPS AWARD 2024 (to be held on stage), company presentations and other related events.

  • Disease control measures

    We will take suitable measures, including setting up disinfection mats that sterilize the bottoms of shoes as well as spray-based disinfection.

  • Exhibitor recruitment period

    July 18 (Tue.) to September 30 (Sat.), 2023 Once all the booths fill up, we will stop accepting applications.

  • How to apply for the exhibition

    Only web-based applications will be accepted. (No paper application forms will be distributed.)